Personal Lines – Winter 2020

A Quick Guide to Renters Insurance

house with rent signIn a sense, renters insurance is homeowners insurance — without the building. Read on for details.

Updates on the Automobile Technology Revolution

self driving carAs technology makes cars safer and more efficient, there are bumps in the road. Here are a few of the latest ones. Read on for details.

Mayor Proposes Mandatory Firearm Liability Insurance

gun safeA California mayor recently proposed that his city require all gun owners to carry insurance — or pay a fee that offsets the cost of gun violence. Read on for details.

How to Practice Firearm Safety

There are a multitude of safety measures you can take to prevent firearm incidents at home. Here are several tips to get you started:
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Insurance Buyers News – November/December 2019

How to Insure against Alleged Whistleblowers

whistle with zipperEmployees file lawsuits against their employers for many reasons. A 62-year-old white male employee with a positive performance record and favorable bonuses was terminated by a foundation. He sued the foundation … Read on for details.

Are Insurance Companies Prepared for Another 9/11?

NYC at nightThe terrorist attacks on 9/11, in which terrorists hijacked and flew commercial airliners into the World Trade Center Towers and the Pentagon, demonstrated how such events are unpredictable, highly destructive and possibly uninsurable.
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Why You — not just “Dolly” and “Bruce” — Might Need Surplus Lines Insurance

woman on tightropeA change in your business strategy can create a need to access the surplus lines market.
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What Does Surplus Lines Cover and How Do You Buy It?

Surplus lines insurers handle a broad range of business risks. These are some examples of the types of risk commonly insured by excess and surplus lines insurers: Read on for details.

Managing Risk – Fall 2019

How to Understand an Insurance Policy

insurance policyMost people would rather go to the dentist than try to read an insurance policy. Like most things that seem intimidating at first, though, when you break it down, it makes a lot more sense. Read on for details.

Marijuana, Workers’ Compensation and the Workplace

dr with marijuanaHow does the use of marijuana affect workers’ compensation benefits?
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Remote Workers Pose Huge Cyber Liability Threat

computer keyboardThere are benefits to working from home, but also risks to both employees and employers. Read on for details.

10 Tips for Reducing Cyber Liability Threats

Protect against viruses, spyware, and other malicious code. Make sure all computers are equipped with antivirus software and anti-spyware and updated regularly.
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Personal Lines – Fall 2019

Good News, Bad News about Car Theft

car thiefTen 10 tips to keep you from being victim to increasingly clever car thieves.
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Why You Always Need an Umbrella — Even When It Isn’t Raining

lightning stormBad things happen: that’s why people buy auto and homeowners insurance policies. But America’s love affair with lawsuits means your coverage could fall short. That’s where umbrella insurance policies come in. They provide a convenient and surprisingly affordable extra layer of protection for your key assets. Read on for details.

How to Protect against Lightning

umbrellaLightning is the most dangerous and frequently-encountered weather hazard that most people experience each year. How to protect yourself and your home.
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Are You Prepared for an Emergency?

Although people in the U.S. are better prepared today for an emergency than several years ago, only 43 percent of respondents in the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s 2017 National Household survey said they had taken at least three of the actions listed below to prepare for a potential emergency.
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Workers Comp & Safety News – August/September 2019

How To Make Safety Education Fun and Effective

safety trainingIt’s often a challenge to capture the attention of employees when the subject is safety.
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Five Exceptions to The Going and Coming Rule

man in carIt’s not always easy to determine whether workers’ compensation rules apply to job related travel and the rules vary from state to state.
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9 Ways to Improve Your Workers’ Comp Program and Save Money

money growing on plantsThe key is advance planning.
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When to Subrogate a Workers’ Compensation Loss

For there to be a workers compensation subrogation, there must be third-party fault.
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Managing Risk – Summer 2019

OSHA to Publish Specific Rules for Preventing Workplace Violence

work crime sceneThere are four types of workplace violence. You should know the four ways to mitigate it.
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Getting the Best Outcome from a Workers’ Comp Incident

worker on the floorThe definition of what is the best outcome has become more expansive in recent years.
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Who Needs Product Liability Insurance?

insurance blocksIf you manufacture, sell or distribute any kind of product, you probably need some kind of protection from product liability claims. Read on for details.

What is Environmental Liability Insurance?

Standard business general liability (GL) policies provide little coverage for pollution damage, including toxic spills like the one in West Virginia in 2014.
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Personal Lines – Summer 2019

6 Common Homeowners Insurance Coverage Gaps

house with gapMany of the following types of losses may not be fully covered under a basic homeowners policy. Some may require separate policies.
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Five Most Common Dangers in your Home

flaming burner on stoveSimple safety precautions in the home can prevent needless deaths and injuries and save billions of dollars in costs. Read on for details.

What Does that Speeding Ticket Really Cost?

man with his head on the steering wheelEvery year, about 41 million Americans, or one-fifth of drivers, get speeding tickets. They pay more than $6.2 billion in fines, according the U.S. Highway Patrol.
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Home-Based Business Insurance Options

In addition to needing property and liability insurance for your home based business, it’s important to consider two other important kinds of business insurance.
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Insurance Buyers’ News – May/June 2019

Don’t Be the Victim of a Nigerian Prince

hook through credit cardYou wouldn’t knowingly send money to a Nigerian Prince. But ransomware and phishing attacks are becoming more sophisticated. Smaller companies are especially vulnerable. Read on for details.

Preparing for the Worst with Active Assailant Insurance

gunThe coverage was introduced only a few years ago and more companies are now offering it.
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Two Essential Property Endorsements You Need if You Plan to Rebuild after a Loss

dilapidated buildingYour insurance may cover your losses, but will it be enough to meet new building code requirements if you rebuild?
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Cyber Liability Insurance Policies

Due to the lack of actuarial data, it’s been difficult to price cyber liability insurance.
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Managing Risk – Spring 2019

Top Causes of Loss in the U.S. and the World

explosionThe largest financial losses worldwide come from fires/explosions and aviation incidents, according to an analysis of the Top Causes of Loss of 470,000 insurance losses around the world by Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (AGCS) Insurance.
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How to Protect Your Interests When Working with Contractors

workers on scaffoldingOne of the most effective and simplest ways of protecting your organization from liability due to contractors’ and subcontractors’ operations is with Additional Insured coverage.
Read on for details.

How Workers’ Compensation Claims Reserves Are Set

floating dollar signsIt’s in your interest to make sure reserves are set as accurately as possible.
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Meet Your Insurance Professional: Claims Examiner

Workers’ compensation insurers and some self-insured employers have employees who examine claims after they are submitted for payment.
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Personal Lines – Spring 2019

Auto Insurance Policy Changes You Should Know About

insurance policy papersIncluding updates on flying cars, key fobs and pet injury coverage.
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Dr. Risk Management says, “Get an Insurance Checkup”

insurance checklistIt’s good for your financial health because having too little — or too much insurance — can cost you money. A regular insurance checkup can help ensure you have the amount and type of coverage you need. Read on for details.

How Does Green Construction Affect Insurance Costs?

grass houseIn the next three years developers expect 60 percent of their projects will be Green.
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Benefits of Green Construction

Siting and design efficiency — the goal is to minimize impact in terms of a building’s location and the surrounding environment.
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Workers’ Comp & Safety News – February/March 2019

9 Proactive Techniques to Improve Your Workers’ Comp Program and Save Money

arm in a braceYour agent is an excellent resource for ensuring you’re ready when an accident happens — and it doesn’t cost more than necessary.
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What Is Integrated Disability?

people shaking handsWith companies like MetLife and Travelers working together to create programs such as their trademarked Synchrony, the concept of integrated disability is gaining wider acceptance, though there are still hurdles.
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Workplace Injuries — What Are the Odds?

woman walking through airportOdds are workplace injuries won’t happen — yet they do. The odds can be lowered considerably by taking control of the work environment and ensuring employees perform the job the right way.
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Meet Your Insurance Professional: Claims Examiner

Workers’ compensation insurers and some self-insured employers have employees who examine claims after they are submitted for payment.
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Managing Risk – Winter 2019

Do You Need Professional Liability Insurance?

woman on tight ropeUnless you’re an attorney, doctor or accountant, it may not be obvious to you that you may need professional liability insurance.
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Opioid Update:

pill caseThere is progress in efforts to reduce opioid use in workers, despite the hurdles. Read on for details.

Marijuana Use Linked to Increased Car Crashes

man drivingAlthough the workplace impact of marijuana in states where it’s been legalized has mainly been a workers compensation concern, a recent study now links marijuana use to increased auto crash claims. Read on for details.

What’s a “Reasonable Accommodation”?

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and amendments apply to employers with 15 or more employees. These employers cannot discriminate against individuals with disabilities in hiring, promoting, retaining and other aspects of employment.
Read on for details.